Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sindoro Restaurant & Bakery

Curiosity took us to Sindoro Restaurant and Bakery on Jalan Tanah Abang II/13. We know Sindoro’s traditional snacks and cakes are good, but we had no clue about the restaurant. It was actually more like canteen than a fine dining restaurant. I had Nasi Timbel Ayam while my friends ordered Bistik Jawa Komplit and Nasi Gudeg. Bistik Jawa Komplit, which was very similar to Selat Solo, was excellent. The meat from ground beef with few slices of fried garlic and brown liquid sauce was combined with friench fries, vegetables, acar and mustard. Nasi Timbel Ayam and Nasi Gudeg were just fine, not exceptional. I think the food is a bit overpriced, uniformly tagged for Rp 25 K per portion excluding 10% tax.

I also bought few samples of their famous snacks: Sosis Solo, Tahu Isi, Risoles Smoked Beef, Klepon and Sosis Keju and they are all very good. Each of them costed Rp 2,5 K – Rp 3 K. Not bad.

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